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Vis aan de Schelde, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Delicious tuna wasabi mushroom tartar

There is a well known fish restaurant in Amsterdam at Scheldeplein. For years and years this place called Visaandeschelde is often full and they serve delicious oysters, lobster, sole, crab, prawns and other mainly fish dishes. It’s upmarket, they have a nice wine list, the kitchen is not fine dining but definitely more than a simple bistro. Recently me and the Mr. had lunch there and it was divine. Any negatives? Not really. Well, it’s pricey. And it’s a place where people like to be seen. Like Monaco in France. Camps Bay in Cape Town. Or Bond Street in London. I usually avoid those places because I don’t like that. But at Visaandeschelde the atmosphere still remains good, and the food is so delicious that every now and then we can’t resist and go there. Today I will show you my photo report of our lunch at VIS.

Vis aan de Schelde, Amsterdam, Restaurant, seafood

The front of Visaandeschelde – which by the way means Fish at the Schelde. Schelde is a river in Holland, and the square in Amsterdam where this restaurant is located is named after this river: Scheldeplein (Schelde Square).

Vis aan de Schelde, Amsterdam, Restaurant, seafood

img_0745Table setting. AND bubbles.

Vis aan de Schelde, Amsterdam, restaurant, SeafoodOlive oil made of Arbequina olives is just the best.

Interior Vis aan de Schelde, not great but classical and contemporaryInterior. A bit stiff and did not change a lot over the last years but I think that is what they like: remain the same, with constant quality. People know what to expect here.

Vis aan de Schelde, Amsterdam, Restaurant, seafoodWine in the sink. I need this at home I think.

Interior of Vis aan de Schelde restaurant in AmsterdamThe entrance at Visaandeschelde and the tables close to the window.

Vis aan de Schelde, Amsterdam, restaurant, SeafoodAmuse bouche. I forgot what it was. But I think a cold tomato gazpacho with Dutch North Sea prawns.

Vis aan de Schelde, Amsterdam, restaurant, SeafoodGillardeau Oysters. Of course! Delicious.

Delicious tuna wasabi mushroom tartarMy starter: Tuna with papadum, avocado, citrus, wasabi and sesame. How stunning does this dish look? Those small mushroom are beautiful, and also full of flavour!

Lobster bisque, prawn croquettes and cocktail sauceThe Mr’s starter: Lobster bisque with shrimp croquettes and Löwensenf mayonnaise.

Soft shell crab crisp, with lemon wasabi and seaweedThan we both decides to go for one soft shell crab with wasabi mayonnaise, homemade sambal and wakame salad. Best. Idea. Ever.

Soft shell with wasabi and lemon, on seaweed salad, wakameThis was fantastic! I could dream about this type of food.

Belondrade Y LurtonThe wine we had; Belondrade y Lurton 2014. An all time favourite from Rueda, Spain. (Grape: Verdejo)

Pike Perch with Kataifi, Courgette flower, Bulgur and paprika, sauce with yoghurt, garlic and cucumber (Tzatziki)My main course was nice, but not as nice as my two starters…. It must be said. What you see here is: Pike-perch in Kataifi, Pearl couscous, aubergine, tzatziki and garlic. It was a bit boring, it needed salt and pepper, I missed something exciting. Also the tzatziki was a bit too cold and too much for the dish. The balance was a bit gone. I finished it, didn’t complain, it was OK. But not super duper delicious.
Vis aan de Schelde, Amsterdam, Restaurant, seafoodLuckily the Mr. ordered his favourite salad here: The Visaandeschelde Classical Salad, with lobster, duck liver, truffle and balsamic vinegar. How many exclusive ingredients can you put together in one dish? He loved it as always. I don’t like duck liver but I did steal some lobster and truffle.

Patatjes ! YeahFries on the side….

Vis aan de Schelde, Amsterdam, restaurant, Seafood
It was quiet that Monday for lunch. But we didn’t mind.

Coffee with Lemon Meringue, Nougat, Almond cookie and mini creme brûléeCappuccino with nougat, crème brûlée, mini lemon meringue… Yum.

We had a fantastic lunch at Vis in Amsterdam. My main course was not the best main ever but there was nothing really wrong with it neither. The service was a bit slow (even though it wasn’t busy) and they were speaking about the party they had during their weekend at the bar, where guests can hear…. I don’t really mind those things and actually think it’s funny. But of course in a place like this it shouldn’t be like that. Also the girls wear their own faded jeans with old sneakers, which is fine, but I maybe expected a bit more in a place like this… Also not too formal, but maybe somewhere in between? A dark, neat jeans and no dirty old All Stars but maybe all the same sneakers from a cool brand in Amsterdam who likes to sponsor? Don’t know. I found the whole service experience a bit s0-so. They were friendly though, but they also forgot an order and were late with the wine. Anyway, next time we will go again, maybe in the evening then. I can’t wait to taste the oyster, soft shell and the tuna tartar again.

The Facts

Visaandeschelde restaurant is located at Scheldeplein 4 in Amsterdam. It is open for lunch from Monday – Friday from 12.00 – 14.30 and for dinner from Monday to Saturday from 17.30 – 23.00 and on Sunday from 16.00 until 23.00.
Click here for more information, road direction, the current menu and prices.

*Note: I have not been invited, paid or asked to write about Visaandeschelde restaurant. We paid the bill ourselves in full. All photos are mine and made with a Canon EOS M3 camera or iPhone 6s. 

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