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Lunch tip: Morgan & Mees, Amsterdam

Steak tartare and fries cravings during lunch hour and in Amsterdam? No, worries, I have a perfect place for you! Morgan & Mees, situated in the South Eastern part of the city, not far from Amsterdam’s famous ring of…

hier moet je eten

De Kruidfabriek by Lute, Amstelveen, the Netherlands

Recently we visited restaurant ‘De Kruidfabriek by Lute’, alongside the Amstel river in Amstelveen, not far from Amsterdam. Situated in and old (1718) gunpowder factory (“kruidfabriek”), this is a special place. I love the building and interior. Before this area…

hier moet je eten

Jordan, Stellenbosch, South Africa

One of my all time favourite places for lunch or wine tasting in the Cape Winelands is Jordan. Tucked away between green hills, water dams, vineyards and fields, with the most amazing view of the Stellenbosch Mountain Range you’ll…

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The Complete City Guide: Hamburg, Germany

Yes, we know by now that Berlin is the new London, Paris and New York in one. ‘What happens in Berlin stays in Berlin. It’s the place to be, etc. etc.’ The germans are hip & happening, young and…

hier moet je eten

Rijks Restaurant, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is famous! Well known for her ‘Gallery of Honour’, with Rembrandt’s famous De Nachtwacht (Night watch) and many other paintings of Dutch Masters from ’the Golden Century’, like Johannes Vermeer, Jan Steen and Frans Hals.…

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Avocados are hot. While 15 years ago nobody cared that much about a nice ripe avo, since a few years the avo-popularity has exploded. And the avo fans are everywhere. From fit-girls and boys who eat avocado and poached…