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Healthy: Green breakfast juice

Juice with spinach orange lemon spirulina cinnamon

If your human inner body could talk to you, it would probably ask you every now and then for an extra healthy vitamin, veggies, mineral, fruit shot. Well, my body would. I don’t think my lifestyle is per definition ‘unhealthy’, but there are days or weekends we go from sundowner drinks to dinner parties to Sunday braai to spontaneous sushi nights. Yes, it is true. And on those days to eat enough vegetables (200 grams a day) and fruit (2-3 pieces of fruit a day) can become a challenge. So the Mr and myself have for these days the perfect solution: our happy happy green breakfast juice. As long as you make sure that besides the green stuff there is enough fruit in your juice, these juices aren’t too bad in taste either. Believe me! And for the recipe I share today with you, you don’t even need a special slow juicer. Just a (strong) blender or ‘normal’ fruit juicer will do. I wish you an happy healthy day.

Ingredients (for a big smoothie for 2 or a small one for 4)
250 gram spinach (or kale)
juice of 1 lemon
juice of 1 orange or grapefruit
few pieces of pineapple (about 75 gram)
handful of mint leaves
2 teaspoons Spirulina powder
1 tablespoon Chia seeds
1 tablespoon cinnamon powder
(optional) 50-100 ml water

Throw everything in a strong blender or fruit juicer and mix until smooth and drinkable.
Add (optional) some water to make it a real drink. You will find out that with the right amount of fruit juice the drink is (natural) sweet enough, so you won’t really taste the spinach or Spirulina.

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