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Avocado, egg and truffle mayo sandwich

This delicious Avocado and soft boiled or poached egg sandwich is my favo simple lunch. Add bacon, chicken or truffle mayo if you like!

Food cravings. Oh yes, I do have them. For lunch (or breakfast) at home, one of my favourite’s is an open sandwich with ripe avocado, soft boiled (or poached) egg, sea salt and (truffle) mayo. Oh my foodness! I love it. I like eggs anyway, but the combination with avocado is just perfect. Sometimes when I’m busy working in the study, or outside on our stoep, the door opens and the Other Half surprises me with a lunch like this. Then he really is the hero of the day!

Ingredients (for a light lunch for two):
2 eggs, poached or (soft) boiled
1/2 ripe avocado, sliced
2 tablespoons (truffle) mayonnaise
2-4 slices of (toasted) bread or a bread roll, whatever you prefer
sea salt
cayenne pepper or ground black pepper
optional: add bacon, smoked chicken fillet strips, tomatoes or lettuce..

Slice or toast the bread (whatever bread you like), spread some mayonnaise on it, I love truffle mayo, but normal (or peppadew!) is also great. Add avocado slices, cayenne pepper, black pepper and seasalt, and finish with a poached or (soft!) boiled egg. Cut the egg ‘open’ with a knife and add a bit more sea salt on the running yolk. Close your eyes… and attack!

Optional: you could add cherry tomatoes, lettuce, crispy bacon or smoked chicken fillet strips. All delicious, but without meat it’s great too.

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