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hier moet je eten

Bigoli Deli, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Free tip for all the lazy housewives (like me sometimes) who like to invite people over for dinner but don’t always have the time or mood to be in the kitchen the whole day: Organise a whole dinner party…

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9 hidden gems in Utrecht, The Netherlands

One of the oldest cities of the Netherlands is located in the middle of the country. Of course I talk about Utrecht. With its hidden courts, secret city gardens, narrow alleys and green canals and city parks it is…

Front of the building of bar beton
hier moet je eten

Bar Beton, for a coffee break in Utrecht

Utrecht is a beautiful old city in the center of the Netherlands. It is smaller than Amsterdam or Rotterdam, but bigger than a sleepy rural village. It has a lot to offer regarding culture, musea, shopping, food, nature and…