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Ossobuco betekent letterlijk beenderen met gat. De basis van ‘ossibuchi alla Milanese’ zijn kalfsschenkels. Het is een echte Italiaanse klassieker die z’n oorsprong heeft in Milaan. Je moet er wel even tijd voor nemen, want dit is slow cooking op z’n…

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Spaghetteria, Pasta-bar, the Netherlands

Spaghetteria in Amsterdam is the place to be for pasta! It’s my very favourite Italian pasta restaurant and I can day-dream about their ‘Spaghetti alla vongole’. Every week they offer six traditional Italian pasta dishes on their menu. Nothing more,…

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Tagliatelle al ragù di carne

Imagine a cold winter’s day with sunshine and snow and blue skies. You go out for a long walk and it’s cold and beautiful and lovely but most of all: cold. You are with loved ones around you, think:…

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Mano’s Greek restaurant, Greenpoint, Cape Town

Young families, business men and women, housewives, first daters, married couples and everything in between. Mano’s restaurant in Green Point is for everyone! It’s fresh, hip and happening, although the place exists already for many years. The vibe is…

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Cherry Lane, Malmesbury, South Africa

Sometimes you find new places unexpectedly. And those are the best discoveries. That’s my story with Cherry Lane in Malmesbury. This sleepy yet beautiful farmer’s village lies just above Paarl and the Cape Winelands and on your way towards…

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Pasta alla Puttanesca

Prostitution is claimed to be the oldest profession in the world. I am not sure how one can test or control that but I can understand it’s a job that does exist already for centuries. Also in Rome. Pasta Puttanesca…

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Spaghetti meatballs

An all time favourite for young and old, casual or fancy, male or female, foodie or non foodie; Spaghetti Meatballs. I never met someone who doesn’t like that. Well, a vegetarian maybe, but you can make veggie balls instead.…

add some thyme and chili flakes too
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Pasta with pumpkin, feta, thyme and walnuts

It’s autumn in the Cape. And that means time for pumpkins! I like to make butternut or pumpkin soup, but to make it every week it’s a bit boring. But I love the combination of pumpkin, herbs and spices.…