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Lunch tip: Morgan & Mees, Amsterdam

Steak tartare and fries cravings during lunch hour and in Amsterdam? No, worries, I have a perfect place for you! Morgan & Mees, situated in the South Eastern part of the city, not far from Amsterdam’s famous ring of…

hier moet je eten

De Kruidfabriek by Lute, Amstelveen, the Netherlands

Recently we visited restaurant ‘De Kruidfabriek by Lute’, alongside the Amstel river in Amstelveen, not far from Amsterdam. Situated in and old (1718) gunpowder factory (“kruidfabriek”), this is a special place. I love the building and interior. Before this area…

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The Complete City Guide: Hamburg, Germany

Yes, we know by now that Berlin is the new London, Paris and New York in one. ‘What happens in Berlin stays in Berlin. It’s the place to be, etc. etc.’ The germans are hip & happening, young and…

hier moet je eten

Tschebull restaurant, Hamburg, Germany

One of my favourite restaurants from the last few months is for sure Tschebull in Hamburg, Germany. We enjoyed our dinner her so much, that we went back there 2 days later for lunch! It’s a Beisl, the Austrian…

hier moet je eten

Daalder restaurant, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Last weekend we went out for dinner in Amsterdam, to Daalder; a great restaurant on the Lindengracht in neighbourhood ‘Jordaan’. We were pleasantly surprised and today I will show you why. The exterior of the restaurant on a wet,…

hier moet je eten

The Foodbarn, Noordhoek, South Africa

A favourite place of us near Cape Town (Noordhoek) is The Foodbarn. It’s a true hidden gem, so I’m not sure if I should share (and spoil this “secret place”) or not. While most eat out awarded restaurants as for example…