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Theetuin Overleek, Waterland, The Netherlands

What to do on a late summer’s day in the Netherlands? Go cycling! Above Amsterdam there is this beautiful nature reserve area called Waterland. Cows, grass, windmills, dikes, lakes, excellent cycling paths, small picturesque bridges, rivers, cute villages (Like Uitdam, Broek in Waterland and Zuiderwoude) with wooden houses and peace is what you find here. Typical Dutch countryside! After a good few hours of cycling what’s better than a coffee with home made cake? Or a nice open sandwich prepared with fresh, organic and local products? Or a high tea with all sorts of sandwiches, sweets and different tea varieties (for high tea reservations recommended). At Theetuin (Tea Garden) Overleek they know how to spoil their guests. I was there recently and today I will tell you about it!

Theetuin Overleek, Teagarden, Amsterdam, Waterland, The NetherlandsTheetuin Overleek is situated in Overleek, in the middle of the Dutch countryside above Amsterdam. With views on grass, meadow, reeds and water, it is the most peaceful and relaxed place you can imagine. If I am stressed or tired and I go here, I will come home with a bunch of fresh energy and happiness!

Theetuin Overleek, Teagarden, Amsterdam, Waterland, The NetherlandsBroek in Waterland, Edam, Volendam are places close-by. All picturesque, typical Dutch and little gems to visit. I must say that I prefer Edam over Volendam – Volendam there are too many tourists. Broek in Waterland is beautiful. Would love to live there when I am retired.

Theetuin Overleek, Teagarden, Amsterdam, Waterland, The NetherlandsThe farm-style building of the tea garden.

Theetuin Overleek, Teagarden, Amsterdam, Waterland, The NetherlandsThey do a lot of homemade lemonades, ice teas and sodas which I absolutely adore! This is the orange, lemon and basil lemonade! ( €2,40 )

Theetuin Overleek, Teagarden, Amsterdam, Waterland, The NetherlandsThis is sourdough bread with slowly cooked chicken breast, ansjovis mayonnaise, little gem, poached egg and parmesan cheese ( €8,50 ). Absolutely YUM!

Theetuin Overleek, Teagarden, Amsterdam, Waterland, The Netherlands
At the Tea Garden they also offer coffee and several tea varieties, for example Earl Grey, Jasmine, Japanese Rose Tea, Lavendel, Verbena, Fresh Mint Tea, or Fresh ginger, orange and Mint. The presentation of the tea is nice and the tastes intense and full of flavour. Besides the special attention to tea and coffee the cakes are a must try, too! All home made my ‘mom’ and lots of choice: Dutch classic Apple pie, carrot cake, chocolate pie, scones with jam, clotted cream and lemon curd, chocolate brownies, cheesecake, plum pie, lemon pie and other delicacies. OK, after a visit here it’s good to have some exercise by bike back.

Theetuin Overleek, Teagarden, Amsterdam, Waterland, The NetherlandsWhat else can you do at Theetuin Overleek? Besides read a book or a magazine, watch the animals and chicken play or enjoy the rest and peace, you can also rent a kano or ‘fluisterboot’, which means a small electric motor boat, so you can’t hear it. ‘Fluister’ means ‘whisper’ in Dutch, so it’s quiet and peaceful and not that harmful for the environment, too. You can do different routes through the beautiful ‘Waterland’ of Holland. At the Tea Garden they will give you a map and explain what different routes there are. I would highly recommend to sail to Broek in Waterland, the most picturesque village in this area. Monnickendam is also stunning. Lots of fresh fish comes from this area. At Overleek Tea Garden they can prepare a picnic basket for you to take with you on the boat.

The Facts

Theetuin Overleek is open in May and June from Wednesday – Sunday from 10.00 – 17.00, in July and August they are open daily from 10.00 – 17.00, in September again from Wednesday – Sunday from 10.00 – 17.00 and from October – April only in the weekends Saturday and Sunday from 1o.00 – 17.00.

You can visit the Theetuin for breakfast, coffee and tea, cakes, lunch and high tea. In addition to that you can rent a ‘Fluisterboot’ or kano. More information about this lovely hidden gem you can find here.

*Note: I have not been asked, payed or invited to write about Theetuin Overleek. It was my own idea and I always pay the bill myself. All photos are mine and made with a Canon EOS M3 camera or an iPhone 6s. 

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