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Green pea, mushroom and bacon

Dinner for one, or side dish for a dinner party with friends; this delicious green garden peas, mushroom and bacon dish is one to remember. I love to make it for myself, if I want to cook fresh and healthy…

kook & wijn

Poke bowl with yellowfin tuna

Poke bowls are hot! This food rage from Hawaii is healthy, tasty and fresh. It’s sushi in a bowl. Or where salad meets rice. Something like that? Sounds good, right? Last week we made one at home and I…

kook & wijn

Parsnip, ginger and horseradish soup

Parsnips are in season in Europe! For a few euros you can get lots and lots of parsnip during winter months. Together with ginger and horseradish I made this delicious, hearty soup with a slight tingling sensation in your…

kook & wijn

Honey and olive oil glazed carrots

In the category ‘lazy housewife’ side dishes; these simple and quick honey and olive oil glazed carrots are always a winner. It’s healthy, it’s fast and it’s easy; a perfect side dish for both fish, meat or vegetarian dishes.…

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Avocados are hot. While 15 years ago nobody cared that much about a nice ripe avo, since a few years the avo-popularity has exploded. And the avo fans are everywhere. From fit-girls and boys who eat avocado and poached…

kook & wijn

Crispy codfish with celeriac-pea puree

This white fish and celeriac based recipe is definitely one to remember: it’s tasty, it’s quick, it’s fresh and it’s healthy. Oh, and celeriac, my very favourite winter vegetable. And I like green garden peas too!  Scroll down for some…