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Hout Bay Market

I like markets. And the Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay is one to remember. If you plan a getaway in Hout Bay, definitely visit this fun place on Friday night, or Saturday/Sunday during the morning or afternoon. It’s…

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Frittata, the Italian omelette

Every now and then it’s time for Frittata for supper. Such great food, full of flavour and perfect to finish left overs in your fridge, or just to cook a simple, tasty and cheap meal. Some people really don’t…

pizza is delicious and not too difficult to make yourself. Yes, the dough, tomato base and toppings. Everything! It is fun to do and so delicious!
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Homemade pizza from scratch

Pizza. It’s a favourite for many people, for us too. We try to not eat it too often, though. It’s quite a calorie bomb, isn’t it? But soooo good. Well, it is not always good: I don’t like greasy, soggy…

These spicy cashews are the perfect snack at five, together with a beer or glass of wine! Easy to make, not too unhealthy and absolutely divine!
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Spicy cashew nuts

Five o’clock.. snack time! These spicy cashew nuts are simple, quick to make, not specifically unhealthy and super delicious, with a glass of wine or G&T at five! And, the ingredients  you need to make these nuts, one usually…