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Mano’s Greek restaurant, Greenpoint, Cape Town

Young families, business men and women, housewives, first daters, married couples and everything in between. Mano’s restaurant in Green Point is for everyone! It’s fresh, hip and happening, although the place exists already for many years. The vibe is…

hier moet je eten

Cherry Lane, Malmesbury, South Africa

Sometimes you find new places unexpectedly. And those are the best discoveries. That’s my story with Cherry Lane in Malmesbury. This sleepy yet beautiful farmer’s village lies just above Paarl and the Cape Winelands and on your way towards…

hier moet je eten

Theetuin Overleek, Waterland, The Netherlands

What to do on a late summer’s day in the Netherlands? Go cycling! Above Amsterdam there is this beautiful nature reserve area called Waterland. Cows, grass, windmills, dikes, lakes, excellent cycling paths, small picturesque bridges, rivers, cute villages (Like…

Delicious and beautiful starter, inspired on the dish we once had at the Pot Luck Club in Woodstock Cape Town, the second restaurant from Luke Dale Roberts, who also is the owner of the award winning Test Kitchen restaurant
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Prawn and avo cocktail

This prawn and avocado cocktail is the perfect starter for a dinner party: it’s light, tasty, sophisticated, the different tastes are well balanced, it looks great, easy to prepare (most of it) upfront and not very difficult to make.…

with mozzarella, goat's cheese, rucola and balsamic olive oil dressing
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Fig summer salad

It’s official. It’s the end of summer. Last week we lighted our fire place for the very first time this season. Boo-hoo. I am absolutely a summer person and I find winter cozy but most of all cold, boring…

Chicory salad with blue cheese, grapefruit, walnuts and blue cheese
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Chicory, walnut, grapefruit and blue cheese salad

Last Sunday was such a beautiful autumn day. With 34 degrees, sunshine and blue skies it felt more like mid summer than autumn, actually. A good reason for an ‘end of summer celebration’ lunch with friends! One of the…

a greek salad is always a good idea! Simple, fresh, delicious ! As side dish or as a main!
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Greek salad, the ‘everyday everyone’ salad

There are salads you keep on making and making. They are not specifically excited, or special, or extraordinary. But they are just so tasty. A good example is the Greek salad. The meaning of this salad in Greece is ‘village salad’.…