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Mustard tasting in Dijon, Côte d’Or, France

I’d like to ask people around me difficult dilemmas, for example ‘never brush your teeth again’ or ‘you can’t ever visit a hairdresser anymore’… ‘Always walk backwards’ or ‘you have to scream to everyone instead of speaking’… Another favourite…

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Ah! Guest House, Paternoster, South Africa

One of my very favourite places in South Africa is Paternoster. In earlier blog posts I wrote already why I like this place so much, where to eat and where to stay if you prefer self catering accommodation. Today…


Franschhoek Art Route

Franschhoek is well known for her award winning wineries and restaurants, the mountains, Huguenots and her natural beauty. But do not forget about the art! Nowadays there are fantastic art galleries in Franschhoek. Over the 5,5 years I lived…

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20 reasons why I love South Africa – Part 1

People who never visited South Africa don’t always understand my endless love for this country. They don’t understand the hankering I feel to always go back there. “But you have seen it already, right? Why don’t you go and explore…


Miniatur-Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany

Day and night simulation every 15 minutes. 930 locomotives, 274 moving cars, 6,800 square metres rental area, flight simulation Knuffingen airport, 335,000 lights, 46 computers, 215,000 figurines, 580,000 man hours, 13,000 metres track length, 1,300 square metres model area,…

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Happy new year !

It’s 2017! It’s the brand new year! I hope you are waking up slowly today, recovering from a little hangover, or the opposite: that you woke up very early and went for a new year’s run or walk already,…