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Scallops, pea-puree and Pancetta

Impress your friends with this fancy, culinary starter; with scallops, pea puree, crispy Pancetta and Dutch North sea shrimps. Not too difficult to prepare, but tastes (and looks) fantastic. It’s most important to buy fresh, good quality scallops, not…

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Spaghetteria, Pasta-bar, the Netherlands

Spaghetteria in Amsterdam is the place to be for pasta! It’s my very favourite Italian pasta restaurant and I can day-dream about their ‘Spaghetti alla vongole’. Every week they offer six traditional Italian pasta dishes on their menu. Nothing more,…

kook & wijn

Sole à la Meunière

There are many things better in South Africa than in Europe. The weather, the light, the relaxed lifestyle, the people (sorry, Dutch friends), the meat, the quality of fresh fruits. But there are also still many things better in…

kook & wijn

Crispy codfish with celeriac-pea puree

This white fish and celeriac based recipe is definitely one to remember: it’s tasty, it’s quick, it’s fresh and it’s healthy. Oh, and celeriac, my very favourite winter vegetable. And I like green garden peas too!  Scroll down for some…


Hout Bay Harbour – Mariner’s Wharf

When one says Hout Bay one says fish. This village is build and based on fisher boats, fishermen, fish packaging factories, fishnets, selling and transporting the fresh fish as soon as possible to Cape Town. You can say the…