Hiking: Robberg Nature Reserve, Plettenberg Bay

Since a few years me and the Other Half have transformed from lazy food-obsessed, slightly overweight not so fit people to a fit, sporty couple, who love to work out. Still food-obsessed, but at least not too heavy any more, and in good condition. I feel very happy with this change in lifestyle. I still dream about food, but I also make sure I get my ass off the couch and go for that run, walk, or hike. Gym is still not my favourite place in the world, so if I can: I sport outdoors. When we are in Plettenberg Bay for leisure, most of our days we spend on the beach, relaxing, reading, eating and drinking. In the morning I like to go for a run, but what I like much more, is to go for a hike at the beautiful Robberg Nature Reserve. The reserve is a peninsula, I always compare the reserve to the Cape Point peninsula (in mini version).
Robberg Nature Reserve Plettenberg Bay South Africa After the entrance of the reserve, where you pay a small fee (for maintenance and protection of the area), you can park your car and decide which walk you are going to do. There are 3 trails:
The first one, The Gap, is more a walk than a hike. It’s a 2,1 km simple walk to the gap and back to the parking, very suitable for everyone who is able to walk. The second one, Witsand, is a 5 km easy hike and is suitable for everyone who is able to walk, and to take some steep steps and a little climbing. The third one, The Point, is 9,2 km and is still moderate, but with some challenging parts, for example some rock climbing on your way towards the point of the peninsula. The last hike (The Point) I wouldn’t recommend to unfit people, young children, elderly people or people who never did a walk or hike before. But don’t worry: if you are at least once a week in the gym, or able to do a sporty walk of a few hours, you will manage. It’s so worth it. Don’t forget your camera.
Robberg Nature Reserve Plettenberg Bay South Africa These views are magnificent.
Robberg Nature Reserve Plettenberg Bay South AfricaParadise walk. Robberg Nature Reserve hike is my favourite hike (I did so far) in the whole Western Cape.
Robberg Nature Reserve Plettenberg Bay South AfricaThe beach where you can take a rest when you are halfway.
Robberg Nature Reserve Plettenberg Bay South AfricaThe Robberg Nature Reserve is such a photogenic place. The peninsula of Robberg is surrounded by water at three sides, and therefore it has such rich biodiversity and interesting vegetation. The land and the rocks where you walk on are divided in several layers; sand, stones, shells, rocks. At the beginning of all three walks you will find an interesting explanation about the layers of the lands.
Robberg Nature Reserve, Plettenberg Bay

The Facts

The Robberg Nature Reserve can be found just outside Plettenberg Bay, a 5-10 minutes drive from the center.
Opening hours in summer (1 October – 30 April) are from 7am – 8pm and in winter (1 May – 30 September) from 8am – 6pm.
Never hike alone. Wear good hiking or walking shoes and sun block and a hat in summer. Make sure you have enough water. There are no water points on this hiking trails.

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