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Green bean side salad

Green bean salad Parmesan tomato mustard olive oil vinegar almonds

Looking for a new healthy and tasty (side) salad? But a bit tired of the standard leafy tomato-cucumber-lettuce option? Then this dish could new favourite! Personally I like the combination of the green beans and tomato, together with the acid-tones of mustard and vinegar, the sweetness of the honey, the salty addition of the Parmesan cheese and the nutty flavours of the roasted almonds.
This salad is perfect to serve as a side dish during a braai or Sunday Roast, but also as a vegetarian main for two during a light week day dinner. For example on a hot summer day when you are craving for salads and when you are actually not that hungry. Since the first time we made this salad (I think this was somewhere in November 2015) it’s been on the table already for about six times again. So for Other Half and me this is an absolute winner! And super easy and quick to make.


side salad for 4-6 or main for 2 people

200 gram green beans, trimmed (French green beans only need topping, no ’tailing’, as the tails are edible)
250 gram cherry tomatoes, halved
1 small red onion, thinly sliced
40 gram Parmesan shavings
70 gram almonds flakes, lightly toasted
30 ml olive oil
30 ml cider vinegar
5 ml wholegrain mustard
salt and pepper


Boil the beans until tender. Drain and rinse under cold water, drain again.
Mix olive oil, vinegar and wholegrain mustard in a small bowl. Taste and add pepper and salt (more pepper than salt – keep in mind Parmesan cheese will be salt already)
Toast almond flakes in a small pan until lightly toasted. Shave Parmesan, thinly slice red onion and halve tomatoes.
Combine beans, tomato, onion rings, and dressing in a bowl, toss gently. Scatter almonds and Parmesan shaving over salad. Serve cold or al dente.

Bon Appétit!

This recipe is based on the recipe in cook book ‘Braai the beloved country’ from Jean Nel – I only added some Parmesan shavings to it myself

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