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What to do when sadness takes over

Naturally I am a happy and positive person. The days in a year that I am grumpy can be count on one hand. The days in a year that I feel really really sad are even less. But 2016 wasn’t my best year. I had some personal struggles going on and there were some moments during this year I wish I could stay in bed all day (or week). What to do when you feel sadness takes over? Today I’ll share 5 personal tips with you.

1. Go outside

It really is cliché, but staying inside on a bad day is the worst idea ever. You want to curl yourself up on the couch or (even worse) stay in bed and watch another episode of your favourite serie, while eating popcorn or chocolate and drink wine. But that isn’t a great idea, it really isn’t. Fresh air, day light, a walk or stroll, the wind through your hair, some nature, and you will feel better soon. The world will look different again from outside than from your living room.

2. Sport

In additions to ‘Go outside’, sport is probably the best methode to get the positieve thoughts back into your brain.  So if you don’t want to go outside for that walk because of terrible weather, go to the Gym! Listen to upbeat music and do that spinning class, or some weight lifting. You will feel better soon, really! If the weather allows it, you can combine point 1 and 2 for the best result. Outdoor sports is always the best.

3. Perspective

Even on the saddest moments in life there are things where one can be grateful and happy about. Place it all in perspective. And yes, that is hard. But be thankful, make a list. For example that you are thankful that you are healthy, or that you can live in a comfortable house. The fact you have friends. That people care about you. There are many people in the world who live more though lives than you. On sad moments when you want to cry and feel sorry for yourself this perspective advise is the last you want to hear, but it’s true.

4. Be positive

It doesn’t help if you look at the dark side only. Don’t be negative about everything. Stop moaning. The life of pessimists is never about sunshine and roses. Simply because they don’t want/allow it.

5. Let it be, but not too much (and too long)

A good boo-hoo from time to time helps. Let it be. You áre allowed to feel sad, to cry and to scream. To throw with things and watch 4 episodes of your favourite series. To not shower for a day, don’t pick up your phone and eat pizza in bed. Every person in the world has good days and bad days. Sometimes you feel happy and sometimes you feel sad. That is life. But make sure sadness won’t take over. That you sort it out and keep calm . In the end life is too short to be sad. It’s full of luck, love and happiness, just open your eyes and you’ll see.

*Note: my tips and views in this article are regarding people who feel sad, struggle with life issues, or have a bad day (or two). When you are in a serious depression I do understand that these tips sound rubbish and you need professional help for that. 


*Note: both photographs in this article are not mine, but from the stock photo website Unsplash

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