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reis & verblijf

Ah! Guest House, Paternoster, South Africa

One of my very favourite places in South Africa is Paternoster. In earlier blog posts I wrote already why I like this place so much, where to eat and where to stay if you prefer self catering accommodation. Today…

kook & wijn

Mussels, steamed in white wine

Mussels the classic way. Like the Belgiums prepare mussels. Without cream but with white wine or, sometimes, beer. With vegetables and herbs. ‘Pure’, so you can taste this beautiful sea fruit as she is. Serve with French fries, garlic…

reis & verblijf

Perfect Paternoster

Paternoster; a sleepy fisherman’s village¬†at the West Coast of South Africa. A place I truly find special. A place where I always love to go (back) to. ‘Why Paternoster? There is nothing to do! It’s so boring!’, is what…