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Honey and olive oil glazed carrots

In the category ‘lazy housewife’ side dishes; these simple and quick honey and olive oil glazed carrots are always a winner. It’s healthy, it’s fast and it’s easy; a perfect side dish for both fish, meat or vegetarian dishes.…

kook & wijn

Healthy snack: crudités with yoghurt-herb dip

Hello January! It’s the month that we are all broke and fat. It’s the month that is extremely boring, dark, long and cold in Amsterdam and on other parts of the Northern Hemisphere, and the month that summer is…

kook & wijn

Melanzane alla Parmigiana

In this dish you will taste a little bit of Italy in every bite you take. It’s one of my all time favourite Italian oven dishes: Melanzane alla Parmigiana. I absolutely love Melanzane, and could eat it every week.…

add some thyme and chili flakes too
kook & wijn

Pasta with pumpkin, feta, thyme and walnuts

It’s autumn in the Cape. And that means time for pumpkins! I like to make butternut or pumpkin soup, but to make it every week it’s a bit boring. But I love the combination of pumpkin, herbs and spices.…

kook & wijn

Broccoli soup

Okay okay. When your partner says: ‘We eat broccoli soup tonight’ you don’t think straight away you’ll have the best meal of the week. It sounds rather boring, and if one doesn’t like broccoli either, you seriously think you…