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Pasta alla Puttanesca

Prostitution is claimed to be the oldest profession in the world. I am not sure how one can test or control that but I can understand it’s a job that does exist already for centuries. Also in Rome. Pasta Puttanesca…

peri peri prawns, great food, vibe and athmospere
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Mo-Zam-Bik restaurant, Ballito, KwaZulu-Natal

After my dinner two weeks ago at Mo-Zam-Bik restaurant in Ballito (KZN) I will be spoiled forever when it comes to Portugese peri-peri prawns. At Mo-Zam-Bik you just eat The Best Peri-Peri Prawns, Ever! No discussion. I (day)dreamed about…

Hello beautiful red hot chilli peppers. I love chilli a lot. But I always taste upfront how hot the chilli are. There is quite a bit of difference. Usually the small ones are hotter than the bigger ones, but this doesn't always count. Taste a little bit upfront before using it. It might be either too mild, or too spicy. And once used in food it's difficult to change. I also really like to chop chilli's, add a bit of olive oil and just place on the table with a teaspoon, to add to your food yourself. Ideal if you serve dinner and if you are not sure whether your guests eat spicy or not so spicy.
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6 ways to spice up your food

Spicy life, happy wife… right? When I still lived in Holland I didn’t eat as spicy as I do now. I wouldn’t say the food is absolutely boring over there, because there really are some very tasty dishes and great…