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Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art, Kaapstad

In September 2017 opende een nieuwe hotspot in Kaapstad haar deuren: het Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCAA). Het zou de Rolls Royce onder de musea van het Afrikaanse continent moeten worden, dat zich qua uitstraling, kunst en bijzonderheid zou moeten kunnen scharen…

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Overture, Stellenbosch, Zuid Afrika

Dit jaar had ik het geluk om het grootste gedeelte van de saaiste, natste en treurigste maand van het jaar – november – te spenderen in het mooiste land ter wereld: Zuid-Afrika. En vandaag deel ik een eetverslag van een lunch…


From grape to bottle; harvest time in South Africa

Yay, it’s april! That means spring in Europe and it means harvest in the Southern Hemisphere is done and dusted! All wineries and wine farms have their grapes in and probably the grapes are already becoming wine! 2017 wine year…

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Saltimbocca alla Romana

This dish from Rome is one of my favourite Italian food dishes to make at home. It basically is nothing more than Italian-style schnitzel; veal escalopes wrapped in Prosciutto with sage, and then pan-fried in Marsala, a sweet wine from Italy.…


Horse riding, Franschhoek, South Africa

To be honest with you I am a bit afraid of horses. They are big and unpredictable (in my eyes). But then on the other side they fascinate me. Beautiful, muscular animals, who can carry and do carry humans…

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Sexy food: artichokes with homemade dip

Perfect for date night, summer lunches or as a starter to a dinner party with friends! Artichokes are delicious, sexy and cool. Originally people around the Mediterranean started to cook with artichokes, but nowadays it’s popular all over the world.…