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Gezond bananenbrood

Iets lekkers bij de koffie maar niet meteen de bakken suiker die bij veel koekjes, taartjes of cakes komen kijken? Bak een gezond bananenbrood! Je bent na het eten van 1 plak van dit superbrood uren verzadigd, het is…

kook & wijn

Christmas Bundt Cake

Since I can remember this cake is on our Christmas table, or already on the table just before Christmas. My mother bakes Bundt every year, and not only one; at least 12, to give away to people she knows,…

kook & wijn

Tomato and onion puff pastry tart

Tomatoes, caramelised onion, puff pastry and Parmesan cheese are made for each other. When I first tasted this organic tomato and caramelised onion puff pastry tart I was blown away by the flavours. It’s an easy to make and prepare…

Almond cookies are delicious
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Almond cookies

Sweets, cakes and cookies I don’t eat everyday. I just don’t really have such a sweet tooth. But for these almond cookies you can wake me up! The taste of almonds I found very elegant and interesting anyway. Both…

pear, almond flakes, butter, sugar, flower, raisins
kook & wijn

Almond and pear crumble cake

Looking for a simple and delicious bake? Make a dessert without the fuss of sticky dough, exploding fillings or splitting eggs? Look no further! This recipe is always a winner. I promise you this pear and almond tart with…