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Chicken broth with garden peas and mushrooms

In the category ‘lazy housewife recipes’ I have a new one for you: fast and easy chicken soup with garden peas, mushrooms and spring onion. On the table in less than 15 minutes and still healthy and fresh. If you want to make a bit more effort: use your own home made chicken stock.


Serves 4-6

1 liter water (or your own stock)
2 chicken stock cubes (or your own stock)
250 gram fine soup vegetables (carrot, celery and leeks, all finely cut brunoise)
3 spring onions
350 gram garden peas (fresh of deep frozen)
200 gram mushrooms
135 gram smoked chicken filet

Chicken soup with mushrooms, garden peas, spring onion


Bring water to boil and add the chicken stock cubes. Or reheat your home made chicken stock (recipe) over low temperature. Add the soup vegetables (cut in brunoise) and boil for another 3 minutes over low heat. Cut the spring onions, and slice the mushrooms. Add the garden peas, mushrooms and spring onion and bring to boil again. Leave simmer for another few minutes and then add the sliced smoked chicken fillet. Divide the soup over soup plates and serve with bread, butter or cream cheese.

Chicken soup with mushrooms, garden peas, spring onion

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