5 reasons why you should visit the Bundestag building in Berlin

Berlin should be on top of your list when you are in Europe and like to do a city trip. The city is vibrant, cool and has a rich history. One of the not to miss places if you’d ask me is the Reichstag Building, or the Bundestag, how we call it now. Why is it so special and why should should you visit? Scroll down and I will give you my personal five reasons.

History of Germany and its government

Learn more about the rich history of Germany and the government. Anno 2016 Germany is one of the most successful, richest and well organised counties in the world, and has probably the strongest economy of all the countries in Europe. But it was not always like that. The Reichstag Building was openend in 1894 under the German Empire. Over the years the building was damaged badly several time and even set on fire. After World War II the building was ruined and felt into disuse. In the 1960-1990 the plans and building of the old Reichstag and modern Bundestag felt into place and with help of architect Norman Foster the modern beautiful Bundestag now is a true piece of art. The contrast between old and new building styles is unique and you will love it.

IMG_0405Under the glass there is the big, main meeting place for the German parliament. How special is it that you can just walk around there and have a look through the glass into the meeting of important people?


The Reichstag Building itself is a beauty. As told you before old and new combined in one special building. British architect Norman Foster did a great job.

Audio tour is excellent

I admit: when I see tourist with earphones listening to audio tour in a museum or point of interest I always feel a bit embarrassed. It’s so uncool. But also very useful. The audio tour at the Reichstag is excellent, very clear, nice and informative. Also, they pay a lot of attention when you see what of Berlin. Because there are chips in the floor the signal does pick up your right position at the right time and then it will start speaking about what you can see outside at that location etcetera.

Views of Berlin

The views of Berlin from the Dome of the Reichstag building are fantastic. It is a great way to get your orientation when you visit Berlin for the first time. I do advise you to go here on day 1 or 2. It will help you.

Roof top terrace and restaurant

You can visit the Dome and roof top terrace and restaurant almost every day a year. After your audio tour, sightseeing and visit to Reichstag building you can enjoy views of Berlin with a cup of coffee and German “Küche” or a real German style lunch with a glass of Riesling. Not bad!

Before you visit

The Germans are punctual and especially nowadays with a permanent terror threat it is important to have a building like the Reichstag as good as possible protected! I actually found it already quite special that visitors are welcome, almost every day of the year! How cool is that.
But because of security, it is important that you register yourself before you visit, for more information click here.

* Note: I have not been asked, invited or payed to write about Reichstag building in Berlin. It was my own idea. All photos are mine, made with a Canon EOS M3 camera. 

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