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White asparagus à la Flamande

The white gold. Queen of the vegetables. Spring luck. The most flavourful taste of all. Heaven on your plate. White asparagus. I love them. In the Netherlands white asparagus are available in huge amounts between let’s say the second week…

kook & wijn

Scallops, pea-puree and Pancetta

Impress your friends with this fancy, culinary starter; with scallops, pea puree, crispy Pancetta and Dutch North sea shrimps. Not too difficult to prepare, but tastes (and looks) fantastic. It’s most important to buy fresh, good quality scallops, not…

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Café-Restaurant Amsterdam

If you are looking for a relaxed, down to earth restaurant in Amsterdam, with delicious food, friendly staff and good wines/beers, then you don’t have to look any further: Cafe-Restaurant Amsterdam it is! I was there recently and today…

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Parsnip, ginger and horseradish soup

Parsnips are in season in Europe! For a few euros you can get lots and lots of parsnip during winter months. Together with ginger and horseradish I made this delicious, hearty soup with a slight tingling sensation in your…

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Tschebull restaurant, Hamburg, Germany

One of my favourite restaurants from the last few months is for sure Tschebull in Hamburg, Germany. We enjoyed our dinner her so much, that we went back there 2 days later for lunch! It’s a Beisl, the Austrian…

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Healthy snack: crudités with yoghurt-herb dip

Hello January! It’s the month that we are all broke and fat. It’s the month that is extremely boring, dark, long and cold in Amsterdam and on other parts of the Northern Hemisphere, and the month that summer is…

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Tomato and onion puff pastry tart

Tomatoes, caramelised onion, puff pastry and Parmesan cheese are made for each other. When I first tasted this organic tomato and caramelised onion puff pastry tart I was blown away by the flavours. It’s an easy to make and prepare…

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Frittata, the Italian omelette

Every now and then it’s time for Frittata for supper. Such great food, full of flavour and perfect to finish left overs in your fridge, or just to cook a simple, tasty and cheap meal. Some people really don’t…

Delicious and beautiful starter, inspired on the dish we once had at the Pot Luck Club in Woodstock Cape Town, the second restaurant from Luke Dale Roberts, who also is the owner of the award winning Test Kitchen restaurant
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Prawn and avo cocktail

This prawn and avocado cocktail is the perfect starter for a dinner party: it’s light, tasty, sophisticated, the different tastes are well balanced, it looks great, easy to prepare (most of it) upfront and not very difficult to make.…