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Spaghetteria, Pasta-bar, the Netherlands

Spaghetteria in Amsterdam is the place to be for pasta! It’s my very favourite Italian pasta restaurant and I can day-dream about their ‘Spaghetti alla vongole’. Every week they offer six traditional Italian pasta dishes on their menu. Nothing more,…

Ideal simple and easy dessert, good to prepare upfront and sure all will like it
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Strawberry, mascarpone and biscotti dessert

During our last year summer escape in Europe, my sister in law made us one evening this delicious dessert. She is half Italian and she loves her mascarpone, Parmesan and tomato pasta, risotto alla Milanese, limoncello, Cantuccini cookies and…

pear, almond flakes, butter, sugar, flower, raisins
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Almond and pear crumble cake

Looking for a simple and delicious bake? Make a dessert without the fuss of sticky dough, exploding fillings or splitting eggs? Look no further! This recipe is always a winner. I promise you this pear and almond tart with…

Lemon Curd is a delicious mixture of butter, egg yolk, sugar, and lemon zest and juice. It's easy to make yourself with this recipe. You can also add some limoncello if you like
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Lemon Curd

This sweet and sour crème based on lemon, butter, sugar and egg yolk is a real guilty pleasure! And even better when you add a bit of limoncello. This typical English ‘find’ is delicious to spread onto a madeleine,…

This Sangria is made with red wine, Limoncello, and fruit like grapefruit, oranges, apple, lemon, a hint of sugar and lots of love
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Everyone ever spend a holiday in Spain will know this drink; Sangria. Usually the Spanish make it with (cheap) red wine, together with fresh fruit, ice cubes and a dash of cognac. In this version we change the cheap…

Limoncello tonic is a great variety on the popular Gin and Tonic. Nice, tasty, delicious and refreshing as aperitif!
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Limoncello & Tonic

Lots of people enjoy a good G&T as a sundowner or pre-dinner drink! But did you ever try a L&T? Just replace the gin for limoncello. Today I’ll share this quick and simple ‘cocktail hour recipe’ for you. Ingredients…