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kook & wijn

Mussels, steamed in white wine

Mussels the classic way. Like the Belgiums prepare mussels. Without cream but with white wine or, sometimes, beer. With vegetables and herbs. ‘Pure’, so you can taste this beautiful sea fruit as she is. Serve with French fries, garlic…

Delicious and beautiful starter, inspired on the dish we once had at the Pot Luck Club in Woodstock Cape Town, the second restaurant from Luke Dale Roberts, who also is the owner of the award winning Test Kitchen restaurant
kook & wijn

Prawn and avo cocktail

This prawn and avocado cocktail is the perfect starter for a dinner party: it’s light, tasty, sophisticated, the different tastes are well balanced, it looks great, easy to prepare (most of it) upfront and not very difficult to make.…