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Parsnip, ginger and horseradish soup

Parsnips are in season in Europe! For a few euros you can get lots and lots of parsnip during winter months. Together with ginger and horseradish I made this delicious, hearty soup with a slight tingling sensation in your…

quinces in season, make a purée with it with winter and autumn spices
kook & wijn

Quince purée

During late summer and early fall, April and May (my favourite time in Franschhoek!) the quinces are in season in the Cape Winelands of South Africa. A quince is a fruit (obviously) and family of the apple, pear +…

add some thyme and chili flakes too
kook & wijn

Pasta with pumpkin, feta, thyme and walnuts

It’s autumn in the Cape. And that means time for pumpkins! I like to make butternut or pumpkin soup, but to make it every week it’s a bit boring. But I love the combination of pumpkin, herbs and spices.…