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10x eten in Franschhoek, Zuid-Afrika

Onlangs was ik weer een paar weken in het land van melk en honing: Zuid-Afrika. En natuurlijk heb ik me weer drie slagen in de rondte gegeten, overal, want ze hebben er veel meer dan melk en honing, en zo ook…


From grape to bottle; harvest time in South Africa

Yay, it’s april! That means spring in Europe and it means harvest in the Southern Hemisphere is done and dusted! All wineries and wine farms have their grapes in and probably the grapes are already becoming wine! 2017 wine year…


Winelands Hot Air Ballooning

A while ago me and The Mister did a hot air ballooning flight near Paarl/Wellington. And it was truly an amazing experience! Between November – April, every day at sunrise (depending on weather) you can enjoy your romantic and special…