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doe & ervaar

From grape to bottle; harvest time in South Africa

Yay, it’s april!¬†That means spring in Europe and it means harvest in the Southern Hemisphere is done and dusted! All wineries and wine farms have their grapes in and probably the grapes are already becoming wine! 2017 wine year…

Wine tasting on a horseback and horse riding trails, Paradise Cottages & Stables, Franschhoek South Africa Cape Winelands
doe & ervaar

Horse riding, Franschhoek, South Africa

To be honest with you I am a bit afraid of horses. They are big and unpredictable (in my eyes). But then on the other side they fascinate me. Beautiful, muscular animals, who can carry and do carry humans…

art and clay route, Franschhoek South Africa
doe & ervaar

Franschhoek Art Route

Franschhoek is well known for her award winning wineries and restaurants, the mountains, Huguenots and her natural beauty. But do not forget about the art! Nowadays there are fantastic art galleries in Franschhoek. Over the 5,5 years I lived…

Miniatur-Wunderland, Hamburg, Germany, Experienced, Children, world's largest model railway
doe & ervaar

Miniatur-Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany

Day and night simulation every 15 minutes. 930 locomotives, 274 moving cars, 6,800 square metres rental area, flight simulation Knuffingen airport, 335,000 lights, 46 computers, 215,000 figurines, 580,000 man hours, 13,000 metres track length, 1,300 square metres model area,…

Gluhwein, Weihnachtsmarkt Hamburg, Germany
doe & ervaar

Christmas Market in Hamburg, Germany

Christmas 2016 is over, I know. And this post comes a bit too late, I know. It was ready to post, but then the news came of the terrible terroristic attacks on a Christmas market near the old Church…