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april 2017

Mustard tasting, Dijon, France, Maille, Edmund Fallot

Mustard tasting in Dijon, Côte d’Or, France

I’d like to ask people around me difficult dilemmas, for example ‘never brush your teeth again’ or ‘you can’t ever visit a hairdresser anymore’… ‘Always walk backwards’ or ‘you have to scream to everyone instead of speaking’… Another favourite…

La Marande, Montbellet, Fleurville, Bourgundy, France, Hotel, Boutique, Bed and Breakfast, Michelin star, Restaurant, haute cuisine
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La Marande, Montbellet, Burgundy, France

The ultimate romantic getaway in Burgundy, France? I have the address for you! Just outside the sleepy and quiet village of Montbellet you’ll find La Marande, the ultimate hidden gem for fantastic food, true hospitality and French flair! We…

Spaghetteria, Amsterdam, pasta bar, Italian, Food, Wine
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Spaghetteria, Pasta-bar, the Netherlands

Spaghetteria in Amsterdam is the place to be for pasta! It’s my very favourite Italian pasta restaurant and I can day-dream about their ‘Spaghetti alla vongole’. Every week they offer six traditional Italian pasta dishes on their menu. Nothing more,…

Chicken soup with mushrooms, garden peas, spring onion
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Chicken broth with garden peas and mushrooms

In the category ‘lazy housewife recipes’ I have a new one for you: fast and easy chicken soup with garden peas, mushrooms and spring onion. On the table in less than 15 minutes and still healthy and fresh. If…

Poke bowl, tuna, recipe, fresh, rice, sushi soy sauce sesame
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Poke bowl with yellowfin tuna

Poke bowls are hot! This food rage from Hawaii is healthy, tasty and fresh. It’s sushi in a bowl. Or where salad meets rice. Something like that? Sounds good, right? Last week we made one at home and I…

Morgan and Mees, Amsterdam, Lunch Breakfast Dinner hotspot, building, Foodie, Steak Tartare, the Netherlands
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Lunch tip: Morgan & Mees, Amsterdam

Steak tartare and fries cravings during lunch hour and in Amsterdam? No, worries, I have a perfect place for you! Morgan & Mees, situated in the South Eastern part of the city, not far from Amsterdam’s famous ring of…


From grape to bottle; harvest time in South Africa

Yay, it’s april! That means spring in Europe and it means harvest in the Southern Hemisphere is done and dusted! All wineries and wine farms have their grapes in and probably the grapes are already becoming wine! 2017 wine year…