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november 2016

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What to do when sadness takes over

Naturally I am a happy and positive person. The days in a year that I am grumpy can be count on one hand. The days in a year that I feel really really sad are even less. But 2016…

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Mexican food feast: Chili con Carne

One of my favourite cuisines is the Mexican. No, that is not classy, not fancy, and not exclusive. Also not the best for my diet and figure. But oh yeah, it’s a fantastic cuisine with delicious, flavourful food. Chili con…

Kruger National Park, Big Five, Sabi Sands, Game Drive, Safari, Africa, Wildlife

Kruger National Park; Hello Big Five

Recently I have been the luckiest girl in the world: I had close encounters with the whole bunch of African wildlife. The Big Five including the leopard who usually is very shy and difficult to find, we saw from close by during…