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mei 2016

Almond cookies are delicious
kook & wijn

Almond cookies

Sweets, cakes and cookies I don’t eat everyday. I just don’t really have such a sweet tooth. But for these almond cookies you can wake me up! The taste of almonds I found very elegant and interesting anyway. Both…

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Frittata, the Italian omelette

Every now and then it’s time for Frittata for supper. Such great food, full of flavour and perfect to finish left overs in your fridge, or just to cook a simple, tasty and cheap meal. Some people really don’t…

peri peri prawns, great food, vibe and athmospere
hier moet je eten

Mo-Zam-Bik restaurant, Ballito, KwaZulu-Natal

After my dinner two weeks ago at Mo-Zam-Bik restaurant in Ballito (KZN) I will be spoiled forever when it comes to Portugese peri-peri prawns. At Mo-Zam-Bik you just eat The Best Peri-Peri Prawns, Ever! No discussion. I (day)dreamed about…

quinces in season, make a purée with it with winter and autumn spices
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Quince purée

During late summer and early fall, April and May (my favourite time in Franschhoek!) the quinces are in season in the Cape Winelands of South Africa. A quince is a fruit (obviously) and family of the apple, pear +…

Delicious and beautiful starter, inspired on the dish we once had at the Pot Luck Club in Woodstock Cape Town, the second restaurant from Luke Dale Roberts, who also is the owner of the award winning Test Kitchen restaurant
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Prawn and avo cocktail

This prawn and avocado cocktail is the perfect starter for a dinner party: it’s light, tasty, sophisticated, the different tastes are well balanced, it looks great, easy to prepare (most of it) upfront and not very difficult to make.…

Hello beautiful red hot chilli peppers. I love chilli a lot. But I always taste upfront how hot the chilli are. There is quite a bit of difference. Usually the small ones are hotter than the bigger ones, but this doesn't always count. Taste a little bit upfront before using it. It might be either too mild, or too spicy. And once used in food it's difficult to change. I also really like to chop chilli's, add a bit of olive oil and just place on the table with a teaspoon, to add to your food yourself. Ideal if you serve dinner and if you are not sure whether your guests eat spicy or not so spicy.
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6 ways to spice up your food

Spicy life, happy wife… right? When I still lived in Holland I didn’t eat as spicy as I do now. I wouldn’t say the food is absolutely boring over there, because there really are some very tasty dishes and great…

Travel Wishlist 2016 and 2017
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My Travel “wish list”

We all have our very own ideas, undiscovered places, wishes and dreams. Personally, I don’t have a big list of material things I wish for, to be honest. Of course I am happy and thankful to live in a…

pizza is delicious and not too difficult to make yourself. Yes, the dough, tomato base and toppings. Everything! It is fun to do and so delicious!
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Homemade pizza from scratch

Pizza. It’s a favourite for many people, for us too. We try to not eat it too often, though. It’s quite a calorie bomb, isn’t it? But soooo good. Well, it is not always good: I don’t like greasy, soggy…

Boutique winery. Visit only by appointment

Kleinood Boutique Winery, Stellenbosch

There is a little piece of paradise hidden in Stellenbosch. Nestled in the Blaauwklippen Valley on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain range, just outside Stellenbosch – you’ll find Kleinood. This small, boutique winery is owned by de Villiers…